My Story

Hi I'm Linda, I am a fifty something mum of three, two boys and a girl. I come from a creative family, sometimes out of necessity, apparently plastering is much like cake decorating, but always for a purpose. We knit and sewed our own clothes, crocheted Christmas gifts, doilies and table mats. The occasional foray into 'string art' with Girls Brigade - lots of bruised fingers as we hammered those nails in! As I got older and started work I found creativity could just be for the fun of it, I started counted cross stitch and then had the pleasure of making many of my daughter's clothes.

A few years ago something happened that turned my life upside down. When I came out the other side I decided I wanted to give something back. I asked around to see if I could knit or sew anything to raise money when one of the staff said what really sells is cards! Ok never done this before, but I will give it a go. I was instantly hooked but I always struggled to find things that matched, I would find a lovely paper to use only to find it didn't quite go with the card stock or ink that I had so off in search of a match, I spent a fortune on masses of products that almost went with each other but never quite did, and cheap stamps that nearly gave you the image they showed 😟

Then I discovered Stampin' Up! They take all the guess work out of it, papers match inks and markers, which match card stock, even ribbon and enamel shapes! The quality is amazing and the range has something for every taste. Plus, something I didn't expect, Stampin' Up! is a community. Crafting can be quite insular, but through Stampin' Up! I have made many new friends who are equally addicted to paper as I am!